Combination custom-made kennels and runs – Breeding kennels a speciality

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These are the ultimate in dog kennelling.

  • 5 stock sizes available.
  • Padlockable doors front & back, tanalised deck, flooring throughout whole unit & timber roof whole unit.
  • 1/3rd kennel, 2/3rds run, raised off the ground.
  • Come either painted or unpainted.
  • Can also be custom-made all fastenings stainless steel. All joints glued where appropriate for strength & leak proof. Substantial galvanised flashing’s used on all exterior jointsThese kennels are built to look attractive on your property well as being functional for your pet.

MINI 1.87L x .970W x .840H                             SMALL 1.95L x 1.05W x1.0H


MEDIUM 2.5L x 1.2W x 1.15H                                 LARGE 2.5L x 1.4W x 1.3H


Made with 7ML

                                                                                                      SUPER LARGE 3.12L x 1.68W x 1.54H