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Custom-made kennels and runs - Breeding kennels a speciality

Custom-made kennels and runs - Breeding kennels a speciality

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All kennels are built in 7ML  +  9.5ML hardwood durable species of ply, fully framed using 42 x 42 tanalised pine glued and nailed. They are raised off the ground for good air circulation beneath the floor. Available in 3 stock sizes covering all breeds of dogs or custom-made to personal requirements.

Kennels in three sizes

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Fastenings in kennels are galvanised steel. All timber H3 treated. Joints glued for strength & leakproof solid ply construction used in preference to layered boards to combat timber shrinkage therefore alleviate draughts & leaks.

Keeping a pet is already part of our culture. Just like human beings, animals also have basic needs. And because one of the most crucial needs of both men and animals is shelter, we should make sure that we build only the best houses for all living things. Our shelter could measure our survival. A shelter could serve as protection against the harmful effects of sun, rain, and snow. If we really care for our pets, then we should provide them a shelter that will enable them to grow and develop. But, we need not to spend more to give them the best houses in the world. We could acquire kennels online for our pet dog, cat, rabbit, or goat at an affordable price by checking first By availing all the latest discount codes and promotional codes for web shops, we could save more money while giving our

LARGE 1.2L x .880w x .920H
QUEEN 1.4L x 1.10W x 1.0H
KING 1.4L x 1.10W x 1.26H

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